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Utah Home Technology Wiring

Integrated Home Solutions

Hepworth Electric’s home technology experts specialize in the little extras in a home that make life a lot more comfortable.  The services that we will provide for you include: central vacuum systems, whole house audio and video, home theater, intercom systems, security/surveillance systems, Utah Home Theaterautomation/controls, and generators.  Our goal is to provide the best quality product for the best value.  In our central vacuum systems, we provide the Hide-A-Hose system.  Home theater and distributed audio is done through our Bose systems.  AMX is the main control system for the automating and integrating process.

Whole House Integration

Lighting, climate, safety/security, and audio/visual are the main componentsUtah Central Vacuum
Future Proofed that contribute to the comfort and security of a home.  By providing integration solutions for all of these services we enable you to take full control of your home making it simple to provide comfort for your family.  With one button press you can dim the lights, turn on the fireplace, arm your security system, and start playing a movie or music.  When you wake up in the morning one button press can gradually turn on the lights, adjust the temperature on the thermostat, disarm your security system, and play soft music throughout the house.

With technology constantly changing it’s important to have a home that will be prepared for what tomorrow brings.  Our writing techniques and standards mean that every home that we are in will be future proof. 

We specialize in:

Central Vacuum Systems

Home Theaters

Distributed Audio/Video

Intercom Systems

Security/Surveillance Systems



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